How do I save my game

I am new to Ready Maker and have gone through a tutorial to create a basic game and managed to export it to Unity however the game is not nearly finished. How do I save the game so I can work on it later?

I found the save button but when I reopened Ready Maker there was no option to open a previous project etc.


Wait, I managed to find the project selection screen by exiting. When I save a project and then open it none of my assets appear, just various gray squares with large Rs in it them instead.

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Hello @Moar !
Make sure that you are always connected to the Internet.
Make sure you are using the latest version of “Ready Maker”
Always the latest version: Download — Ready

I can assume that while saving the project, there was a bad internet connection. Try to upload again the assets and and replace them in the project (Go to the Appearance Tab and change the image (“Swap Visual” button)).
This Example:

I have the latest version installed and my internet connection is good. I have tried Swap Visual but this could take a long time as there are a lot of objects to replace and when I try this it just stays as if trying to load but unsuccessfully. I have created a new project and will try to create it in one session, that way I will be able to import it into Unity at the end, but unfortunately I want be able to save it so if I later decide I want to change things I will have to go through the whole thing again.


It is very strange, if for the first time, perhaps your project was broken. With the new project such situations are unlikely.

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