How do i remove the Scientific Notation

heya , can you pls help me cause i dont know how to remove scientific notation in game
cause my game earn money and get trillion , quadrillion , but it is hard to know if you have quadrillion or trillion , so i need to know how to make this , example “your money is 999,999 and then when it add 1 , the text will be 1 M” Like that ? ok ty


Hi @Gabeymatubis, try use the this example:

1)Create the new global variable “Counter”
2)Add the “Score Label” and add the “Counter” behavior for him, name it “Counter2”
3)Add “Text”, change the “Text” parameter (Write “M”)
4)Create the new events:

Look the this project:
You can open this project on your phone and make a remix to save it in your account.
(To you can see how this works, I accelerated the logic)


THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is very helpful to me!


…no problem!:wink:

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