How do I make my enemies die?

So I recently started making games for the first time in years, and this app is awesome.

I can’t believe I can make games from my ipad! However, my fighting games lacks a very crucial feature,

Right now, I set “killing” an enemy to make it invisible and non-solid, but this can still interfere with the game. If I want my fighting game to be infinite(by using offscreen spawning areas) the ghost enemies will rapidly hit the prop limit, and end my game prematurely. Is there a button or event that truly “kills” an object?

By the way, all my characters are shapes (that could be my issue just mentioning that)

TL;DR: My baddies won’t die and mess my game up.

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Hi @Zenobiyl , You need to use classes for the enemies, thanks to the classes you can create clones and delete them when needed, here are a few tutorials that will help you with this:

Remove Clone:

Clone Generation:

So you first make template enemies offscreen, then clone them, and then kill the clones? Thanks, I will start using this and add some new templates for special enemies as well :slight_smile:

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…yes, alright