How do I export Space Chicken to another mac?

We made Space chicken on two computers.One game had many faults While the other is good. We tried to export the good game to the computer with the fault game.But ReadyMAker does not want to load this project (exported as unity project) any tips?


Hi @officerebel!
To run your project on another the Ready Maker account, you must:

  1. Copy the link to your project (Open the game in the account where the stable version is from the menu “My Projects” and click the “Share” button)
  2. Open this link in the second account (Where do you want to transfer your project) using the phone. (Open the this link on the your phone (First go to the account on your phone to which you need to transfer the project))
  3. After your project has opened, click the “Remix” button and save the project in the your account. After this, the project will be completely transferred and available also on the your PC.

“Unity Package” - used to the export the your project to the Unity 3-D editor.