How do i enable dragging in game

I want to make a walking robot physics game, and i’ve been trying to figure out how to do it. I’ve been sitting around looking for ways on how to make it happen. I tried making a hidden object in the game so when i hold on the object the hidden object will go to it, but then i realized that i couldn’t drag the hidden object in any way for my method to work…
So i hope you can help me, because either i’m not looking in the right place, or because it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Thanks, and i hope you can help.

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Hi @Nitronium, when you use the “Hidden/yes” in your scene - you off all parameters for this object. For this you can use the “Opacity” parameter and adjust him in event manager. Also you can turn off/on the solid, when this needed, this the event for example:” - this video in dropbox!


Ah, I just realized the dragging feature was in the behavior tab, my bad.
But thanks for the help!

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…you are welcome!