How do I add boosted scores to my AI Car and Player Car Score Labels?

So currently what I am trying to do in my game is when the AI picks up this power up it will boost the AI score label by 100 points and the same if the Player picks up this power up they will get a boost of 100 points on there score label and my current code below is not working at all for both sides of the scoring labels.



Blue Car > Sensing > Is Touching Object > Speed Boost


Blue Car Score > Score Label > Add > 100

and same code for AI car

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Hi @James!
Let’s take a close look at your code:

  1. The first thing that is needed is for the colizium of objects to work among themselves - they must both be in the “Scene” layer

  2. They must be in contact with each other.

    Blue Car > Sensing > Is Touching Object > Speed Boost
  • Should work if the player touches the object “Speed Boost”, then each frame you add 100 points to the score label in other words, you should quickly increase the value for the score label so that the value increase the one time when the player collides with the object “Speed Boost”, you must use slightly different code:

      Blue Car > Sensing > Collided With Object > Speed Boost

At the same time, “Speed Boost” must be a trigger, which periodically comes across on the player’s path (the player must necessarily collide with him).

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Works perfectly on my end thank you.

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…no problem!:wink:

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