How do I add a wait?

Is it possible to add a wait?


Hey there @ANiceSandwich! Welcome to the Ready community!

I’m having an issue understanding what you mean exactly, but I have 2 ideas to what I think you may be talking about. If I am wrong, please reply and let me know and either me or someone else in the forum will correct the mistake!

My first solution is where if you click a certain object, you can only click it once and must wait a few seconds in order to click it again. When you’re able to click the object, it’s counter will add 1 (in the scene view I made it to where it’s counter is seen).

In order to write this code, you must create a global variable. I named mine as “Wait Log.” The wait log but equal to 0 in order to click the black blob. Once the black blob is clicked, the wait log is set to 1, and every 2 seconds the wait log sets back to 0.

The “adder” is the counter attached to the black blob which I had mentioned earlier in this post.

If you want to wait for the game to load in Unity, check out this video from @Ready


This should help thanks :+1: