How Did I Get My Username?

Long Story (yes I’ll explain everything)

When I Was First Introduced To Online Games Like Roblox
My First Username Was Smg4fan900.

Why? I’ll First Explain The Smg4fan Part.
This Was Because Back Then I Watched SMG4. (Super Mario Glitchy 4) I Then Used That User Name For Quite A Few Games. (I was Not sure what) [Part 2 “900” ]
I Then Spiced It Up By Adding Random Numbers.
Thats The Origin Of The Username Smg4fan900!

But Wait There’s More! When I Was A Guest For A Few Months In
Roblox I Wanted A Account
My Older Brother Showed Me How. Then We Found Creep5432 Was The Username For Me. From What Brother Told Me Was That He Came Up With The Name.
From That Moment my username was now Creep5432

In Ready Maker My Username Was creep5432 I didn’t Like That my first letter from my username was lowercase. i then went to change it. I accidentally deleted one of the letters. i tried to add the letter back but it wouldn’t. i then became frustrated and then Deleted a few more letters And My Username is now ep5432