How can I make specific items appear at set times and set positions in Ready Maker?

I currently have items that users can pick up at set position 0,0 now what I want to do is like every 30 seconds you can pick up a missile or every minute you can pick up health but I want to be able to always bring back my programmed items without re-writing the same code for new assets because I want my video game to last longer. Like a loop of set times and positions for the same object or asset that is already programmed.

All of my items are out of world and are all set to go to set position 0,0.

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If you use a counter or timer for your objects? When you activate your objects you can switch the value of their counter. And turn on their activity again when necessary. Can you also use cloning for your objects? Tell us more about what you need to do so that we can help you with the logic.

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Item appearing on level


Timer > Runtime > Existed Long Than > %


Item > Position > Set Position > 0,0

So that’s my current coding above for items to appear on my level from out of world to the center of the level to pick up. What I want is some items to appear every 15 or 30 seconds and some every minute. I have not cloned any objects because I want a infinite loop of my already programmed coding. and I’m 100% lost when your talking about counter value super new to this lol

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Now I understand what you need to do. It looks pretty simple. You must add a timer for each items (Timer1, Timer2, Timer3, etc.) and reset the timer when you collect the item. Here is an example for the first item :


    Player/Sensing/Collided With Object/Item1

    Score Label/Score Label/Add/1
    Item1/Appearance/Set Hidden/Yes
    Timer/Timer Label/Reset Timer


   Timer/Timer Label/Greater Than/10 sec

   Item1/Appearance/Set Hidden/No