How can I give users a choice between a Free game with ADS and a Paid game with no ADS for the same video game in Ready Maker on the Play Store and APP Store?

I want to be able to have two versions of my game one of them will be free with ADS and one of them will be paid with no ADS how would I do this for the Play Store and APP Store and maybe the Windows Store in the future?

Also when ADS appear in games during Gameplay does the game keep running in the background or it pauses the game until the AD finishes?

Also how can I add ADS to my Ready Maker games?

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Hi @James! When you publish a game in the Play Store, you indicate which version you are using (With or without advertising). Thus, you cannot offer two versions at once for users using the same link. You need to create two separate versions of the application. The only way out is to publish applications using ads, but create a separate script displaying in the game menu, in which the user can disable ads on their own. All technical questions about which script you need to use for the implementation of advertising can be found on the service provider. (For example, if you plan to use “Admob” you are looking for information on the resource site, you can also download additional libraries there). We are not engaged of the development of such software, so you should clarify questions on the introduction of advertising in the thematic forums. From my own experience I will tell:

  1. You need to install a plugin (for example Admob or some other) in Unity editor.
  2. It is also possible that you will need some libraries (Read about it on the website of the service provider)
  3. You must register a new account on the website of the service provider.
  4. Add a withdrawal method (PayPal Account, Bank Card, etc.)
  5. Create types of ads within the account (Banner, size, position, display time, etc.)
  6. Add the necessary scripts to the applications (Create a script to display advertising, it can be a small banner in any part of the screen or a large banner on the whole screen, it can appear at the beginning or when you need it)
    There used to be ready-made solutions that you could directly add to the scene in the Unity editor, they were already set up and did not require special programming skills. You can learn more about this in more detail on the thematic forums.

Hello, Did you manage to add the ads to your games in the Android play store? And if yes may I ask how were you able to do it? Thanks!


As Ready does not allow you to add ads within their system, you have to export your project into Unity to do so.

I’m currently working on a mobile game right now that’s being built off a pc version of my game and what I know so far is that you need to make sure you have services turned on in Unity.

If you wish to learn how to program ads into your game, here is a tutorial I have been watching:

Also, when you publish to iOS and Android, don’t forget to mark if your game has ads or not because they will check for that.

There are also many different services that allow you to have ads. The most common are Unity Ads which are very easy to implement, and AdMob which is harder to implement but allows more leverage. I’ve heard very negative things about unity ads sometimes, but sometimes it’ll work for some people. Not everyone is lucky with them however.


Thanks for this very detailed answer buddy. Appreciate your time and effort. I’m no coder but I prefer Admob cuz it’s Google after all and am an AdSense publisher so I’m somehow used to their platform but a bit worried of not being able to integrate their code into my game after exporting to Unity and before releasing it to the Android store. :confused: