How can I create IAP Packages for video games in Ready Maker?

An “IAP Package” is a In-APP Store for Microtransactions.

For my video games that I will be publishing onto the Play Store and APP Store and Windows Store.

Example selling stuff like in-game health for the player and much more how would I do this exactly to create this in game store?

Also I wanna be able to pause the game when they open up the in-game store.

Also the player can only buy it once per game.


Hi @James. You must create a script for its work in the Unity editor, download and connect all the necessary plug-ins and libraries. Unfortunately at the moment we do not have instructions on how to do this.

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How exactly would I create this script in Unity Editor?

How would I connect plug-ins and libraries to my Ready Maker game?

How would I do the above without breaking my Ready Maker game?

Why can’t we make a in-game Store for our Microtransactions directly in Ready Maker?

In-game stores & Microtransactions are where Video Game Developers earn the most money so it would make sense to be able to do this within Ready Maker also this is a feature that must be created and added to this software since it is the reason why free games work today Fortnite is a great example of Microtransactions.

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Hi @James! What you are saying cannot be automated. This is a separate, most of the introductions, which currently does not apply to our mission. Ready Maker was created to introduce people to the basics of programming without using software code, as well as to teach how to create games. So that those who are far from this could easily master, at first glance, complex technical processes. Plugins and libraries you are talking about are not included in Unity itself. Since this is a separate project on which a separate team is working. We unfortunately do not have specific instructions for the implementation of such functions in the draft read. You need to learn about templates, how to use such libraries with examples of program code (they are usually located on the sites of the service provider). Next you have to sort out the Ready package, set the necessary classes for the necessary objects, set the price tags, open accounts in the payment system and link them to your project. This job requires compulsory skills working with Unity editor and C# or Java languages.

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I was thinking if I were to make a store button on my main Ready Maker project and make a separate project within Ready Maker to link to my store to buy items can this be possible to do? Or it needs to be done in the Unity Editor?

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Yes - all this you should already add in the Unity editor.

So when I export my Ready Maker game in the Unity Editor.

You mentioned in the first reply it’s a separate project to add stuff like health for the player or anything else which makes sense since its a in-game store but what they will be buying is simple programmed power ups exactly the same kinda code like in Ready Maker nothing crazy like AAA title here.

I know nothing about classes when you mentioned classes my entire video game is coded on events & behaviors.

Open which accounts to paid via Play Store & APP Store and let’s add Windows Store also for a future project.

Setting price tags how does this work exactly?

Do I make my Store Button in Ready Maker or Unity?

How do I make the Store Button work in order to open up my store?

How do I link a payment system to my Ready Maker game?

Plugins and Libraries know what they are unsure how to do them.

How do I make a separate project in order to create an IAP Package?

How do I link the separate project to my Ready Maker game?

I understand most of what of what your saying just some parts not so much.

Hi @James, as I told you earlier, we are not engaged in developing projects in Unity, therefore these issues are beyond the scope of our forum. I gave you only advice on where to look for information (In the Unity forums, in the technical documentation of the advertising service provider, etc.). In fact, in Unity you need to create a separate project with linking scripts, menus, options for displaying banners, etc. Unfortunately, all these steps are closely related to the development of projects in Unity itself and I do not have the opportunity to help you with this. In some questions we gave advice (for example, how to create an apk file or how to publish a project to the Play Market). The introduction of advertising in the project, and especially the creation of a store in the project goes far beyond our forum. And as I said earlier, to introduce advertising is not difficult, just read the manual on the website of the service provider, such information is always in the public domain. Regarding the creation of the store - I have nothing to tell you, this part of the work involves the creation of a separate project in Unity and does not depend on the possibilities of the exported project.

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Alright well even if my store will be having Ready Maker assets? Example the Nintendo retro heart. Because I want to use assets from Ready Maker.

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After you have exported your project to the Unity, you can find all your sprites in the this folder:

This the your logic (Scripts):


Awesome thanks last question regarding IAP Packages is when I script my IAP Package going that it is a separate project.

Do I script it before exporting my project into Unity 3D or can I script it with my project in Unity 3D?

Also when publishing is it all within the same link or different?

Like my IAP will be a store with four items and one of the items is to pay to remove ADS forever and the rest is like health,or power up damage.

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1)You can I script it with your project in the Unity 3D.
2)I do not understand which link you are talking about. When you connect to the server and send a request, you automatically establish a connection with the advertising service provider where you have it written in the script.

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Like all of apart of the same file when I publish onto the stores.

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For 2) I meant is it all apart of the same file for the project or is it separate for when I have to make files to publish onto the stores?

Like the main project & IAP Package all in one link together ? By link I mean the special files we create for the APP Store & Google Play Store.

or one link for the main project and one for the IAP Package?

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Suppose you have completely finished the your project(You need use the one project with scenes in the Unity), with all the necessary files and scripts inside. Next you have to put it all into one file. “Apk” - for Play Store or send the “Ipa” file - to the AppStore. You always send your app in one file. Your page that you create in the store always has one link. Is it possible to upload individual program files to the store, as far as I remember not, but I may be mistaken, check it in the subject forums. I really can’t tell you with 100% certainty.

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Awesome this is super helpful so my main game and plug-ins and libraries are all into one file?

Its pretty much just confirming this left :slightly_smiling_face:

and One project with scenes in Unity?

I don’t export my entire project into Unity?

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You export the entire project to Unity, using the export option, to make a successful export you must use the “Unity.2017.3.1p4” version. You can add additional scenes in the Unity, make all the necessary settings and yes you pack all this into one file for further publication in the store.

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Awesome this Unity version I download on the website? When I export in Ready Maker it brings me to this version of Unity?

No, first you need instal the correct Unity version and after this you can export the your project to the Unity.

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Awesome thanks I just wanted to close off this IAP Package topic with these two Unity links in case someone ever has this question in the future it’s very helpful.

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