How can I create an image icon for my video games on the Play Store and APP Store in Ready Maker?

I’m still working on my very first video game in Ready Maker so I’m curious when publishing the game on the Play Store and APP Store will it create an image icon of my game by default or can I make one?

How would I do this exactly?

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Hi @James
For Play Store - you have to create and add an icon in Unity, after which it will be active only for the apk file.
For App Store - you will need to add icons of a different size and with a different name, after you create the “xcode_project” and open a project in the XCode editor (On MAC)

You will also need various other assets, of various sizes (screenshots, banners, covers for the application page, etc.), you will learn about this when you set up a new project in the store.

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This can only be done in Unity and not Ready Maker for Google Play Store?

Because I noticed a image for our projects that we can always update within Ready Maker.

Also what about for Amazon APP Store regarding the icon image.

Also create and add an icon in Unity?

can I just take an image of my project within Ready and put it as my icon?

Where would this icon be added?

Are there certain icon image sizes?

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Hi James! Look the this tutorial (Export to the Google Play):

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What does this have to do with the image icon?

For adding the your own icon you can see, starting to watch a video from 1:07

This is a complete instruction, since you have never done this before. I recommend that you go through all the steps so that you have more understanding of how to create the apk file and publish your application.

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Awesome I will for my icon I actually did kinda a photo shoot of my game using the “Snipping Tool” in ready lol

Example you see the two cars head to head.

Unsure if this will work or not.

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