Hoop Loops Events

So I’ve got Ready Maker on my Windows PC and I was trying to make the game “Hoop Loops” posted on the Ready Maker YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/hBsfkqyUXVk).

The problem came while making the events. They have shared a Google Drive file containing screenshots of all of the events (Events.zip - Google Drive).

The problem is these screenshots show assets that were not added to the game during the tutorial. The events also show options which are not available to me. Can someone explain how I can finish that game?

Thank you.


After you download the zip file from Google Drive, make sure you import all of the assets into ready maker by tapping the “+” in the upper right, and clicking the green “import assets” button.
Good Luck!


Hey @Rawmice. If you are talking about the PlayerPointDetect, LeftBt, RightBt etc. then the are just basic shapes (circle, square) takes from the in-built assets library. You can find these from there.