Hide N’ Seek 2 game

  • We have a brand new game. A sequel to our original game, Hide N’ Seek!

  • Play here: https://ready.app.link/TP9tQASOtN

  • there’s also a secret room in one of the buildings. Can you find it and tell what it means?


I wonder …:+1: in this game, do I need to find all the characters? Also for the joystick behavior i think you need turn off the “Center Touch” parameter.

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Yes, there are 15 characters, and there is also a “hide mode” to where you can hide from one of the characters. Also, center at touch makes it easier to move. You can still click on characters and objects when needed.

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The Gameplay is neat my score is thisScreenshot_20180726-111346_kindlephoto-141402602