Health Bar Overlay Color and Blocker Bug of a Bug


The issue is when the user sets a value of bringing down the health bar to 100%.

The health bar gets blocked and is unable to do this action so you have to bring the health bar down to 97 or 99% and end your game there as a work around.

Also you’ll notice the overlay color is not 100% gone it’s a bug of a bug issue so just a heads up for you guys.

Also you guys can open a bug report section to your forums.


@James - Please give an example of your code and settings for the “Life Meter”, I can not reproduce the this error :thinking:




So my minimum value is 1 and maximum value is 100 and these life meters both end at 97 to 99 max value even if my set maximum value is 100 so because the bars are unable to reach the end I use a work around to win or lose in my video game.


Thank you @James, you can also show the events in which you add health and can not reach 100 points.


I’m able to get a full health bar just not the other way around like 1-3% always remains like the above images.


This is all due to the fact that you specified the minimum value of 1, replace the unit with a zero and you will get the expected result. I specifically rechecked the work of “Life Meter” and it works well for me.


Works now on my end.