Have 'Loop Reverse', as an option for Move Recorder

G’day again.

Move Recorder is an awesome behavior.


I think it would be great to have a Loop Reverse option.

Benefits would be

  1. Very smooth looping.
  2. Great for certain animations.

An additional possibility, would be to flip either horizontal or vertical upon the completion of each loop.

What do you reckon?


Thanks Paul, this interesting. We have some ideas abaut improve the this behavior in the future.
Now You can for example add two objects and one trigger in the start position and create the loop revers animation. Where first object collided with the trigger, you can change the opacity parameter, turn off visibility for the first object and turn on visibility for the second, which moves in the opposite direction. This is a little difficult, but it will work.

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Thank you for the work around. I am still very much a newbie, but I can see what you are suggesting, and will have a study.

Keep up the great work and seeya.