Granny's Impossible Game!

Similar To A Original Popular Game
You Have To Escape Granny’s House By Grabbing The Key
And Escaping
There’s Also Traps (They’re The Squids)
There Is A Obstacle Granny Will Be Constantly Chasing You

And There’s Jumpscares kinda

I’ll Finish The Game Then I’ll Give You The Link…


@ep5432 I LOVE Granny!

Did you know that DVLOPER (the dev of that game) is making a prequel to that game!? It’s called The First Victim. He announced it on Twitter a bit ago.

I’m so excited for that and to play your game!

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Beep Im done (I recommend You Turn Your Brightness All The Way)
(blood warning)


This is sooo hard, but really good! The name definitely does fit :love_you_gesture:

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