Give me Criticism!

I would love to know what you think of my game! I want to know what you think should be improved or removed.


That’s pretty fun to play.
I like how the gun moves a bit slower turning than the player.
You could make a 2 frame gif for the zombies to wave their arms close then apart.


I’ll get on it! Thanks!


Like the game, but I have some ideas.

The places where zombies spawn - maybe make it to where the player dies for going in the as they’re filled with zombies and it looks like a hole.

Also, on the top left where it says “ammo drop” you can type anything in it. Maybe change it to regular text?

I was thinking about the gun auto-reloading. There’s a lot to focus on the game and it quickly got hard for me. Maybe the zombies could spawn at a less pace - or maybe add different waves?

I tried shooting the tank and it didn’t really do anything. I shot it to -50 health.

Presentation wise - maybe add a cute little icon with a title and description!

I really like this game and I’m glad you’re a user who is great with taking criticism! That’s really good in this community. I like how the joystick is big enough for you to move around :+1: good job! This game has a lot of potential


Thank you! I will work on these things.



The biggest problem is I’am on an azerty so it’s not easy to play.

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I’d add a Play Again Button as that is the first thing I wanted to do when the game was over.

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