Game: Murder Mystery

I Made The Game.
Theres 15 Players And 1 Is The Murderer.
The Murderer Has To Kill 8/15 Of Them.
If Time Runs Out Or The Murderer Gets Caught By Security Camera You Win!
If The Murderer Kills 8/15 People The Murderer Wins So It’s Not Like: “If You Get Slaughtered By The Murderer It’s Game Over”
The Innocents Have 5 Ways Of Moving: 2 Random Angles, Following The Murderer’s Target Point, Follow A Fellow Computer, Or Follow The Player
The Last 1 Can Get Annoying As The Others Will Sometimes Push You Into The Murderer.
When You Die 1 Player Will Be Highlighted Red (Means They’re The Murderer)



Interesting fast paced game.
You watch to see who the murderer is.
All NPC bots look the same, so watching closely what’s happening is needed to win.

I really like your game design and original idea.
I saved your game to my tablet so i can play anytime.

An idea i have for you is to make bots visible only if the players sprite can see them.
A trick to do this would be to place large sprites for ground in each room.
Only if the players sprite and bots are touching the same ground sprite, then make the selected bots visible.
You could do this for a future game.


I LOVEEE murder mystery games!!! This is awesome!!! Great job!


I May Add The Idea In :smiley:


@Creep5432 this is a fun game that puts a smile on my face while I’m playing it! I even managed to win after a few tries - 47 seconds! :smiley: