Game: Knife Strike

This Is A New Game I Was Working On Eversince A Few Days After 2020 Arrived. It’s An Actual Game This Time! :hocho:Knife Strike!:hocho:. A Game Where You Stab People In The Back Only For You To Get Stabbed 3 Seconds Later! Right Now There’s 4 Gamemodes:

Infinite Onslaught
There’s 5 Enemies.
Square - Just Casually Runs At You
Triangle - Same As Square But He Dashes At You
Star - Same As Triangle But He Turns Invisible
Tiny Square - Same As Square Exept They’re Faster And Don’t Deal Damage
Star Man - Is Invincible. He Slowly Dies Over Time. Just Avoid Him.

Team Deathmatch (3v3)
Kill Everyone In The Warmer Team Until 1 Minute! Use Powerups To Gain A Advantage Over The Other Team!
Freeze - Freezes Your Enemies For A Short Duration
Strength Your Team Gets Giant Knifes For A Short Duration
Speed Shoes - Your Team Will Be Fast For A Short Duration
X3 - Any Future Kills Will Be Multiplied By 3 For A Short Duration


Welcome back to the forum @ep5432!

You are making excellent projects as per usual :muscle:


Guys I Want Suggestions! Give Me Your Suggestions So I Can Further Add To It. Like New Features, Minigames. New Skins .ect. I’ll Also Put Your Username On A Page In The Game To Say Thanks


Thanks! Also Sorry For Being Away For So Long. I’ll try to post at least 1 time per week.


Hi @ep5432! :slightly_smiling_face: These ideas look great! :+1: Excellent big projects, very interesting for the playing i thing. :video_game:


Thanks! I also want suggestions so the game is more big!


The only feedback I can give right now are just two things @ep5432.

  1. the contrast of the background, the player, and the enemies makes fighting look a little bit difficult as sometimes enemies are quite hard for me to see. Sometimes I don’t even notice they’re there until they arrive at the player. I would recommend making the enemies stand out more.

  2. I like how you try to balance out the enemies but if some enemies are invisible, I think there should be a little more indication if they’re nearby maybe?

Other than that, this looks really amazing!


The Player Skins Are Supposed To Be From The Enemies. Like In Bombsquad. I Try to make them stand out by their shape and color. Also Thanks! I would like to make it so if they’re nearby they turn a bit transparent.

Also if you want to know what Bombsquad is search Sok Or TheMikirog On YouTube They’re Really Good At Bombsquad and they’re working with people all over the world called Joyride Modpack (Or JRMP)
JRMP Is Life! (Super Modpack) Reference


Minigame Pole (The 2 With The Most Votes Will Be Made!

  • Capture The Flag
  • Zombie Infection (it’s funny because coronavirus)
  • Coin Collectors
  • VIP
  • Get The Target! (Inspired By JRMP)

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How The Minigames Will Work.

  • Capture The Flag: Get Enemy’s Flag And Bring It To Your Base!
  • Zombies: Avoid The Infected For 2 Minutes! If Zombie Infect The Human Team!
  • Coin Collectors: Collect Coins If You Die You Lose All Coins. Person With The Most Coins In The End Wins.
  • VIP: 1 Person On Your Team Is VIP Protect Your VIP And Kill Enemie’s VIP.
  • Get The Target! 1 Person Will Be Target. If You’re The Target Defend Yourself

The Reason May Be Because The Gif is lowres. Because:

  1. So It Takes Up Barely Any Storage.
  2. My Internet Runs Poorly. I usually use it at 4 - 6AM Because That Is When Everyone Else Is Asleep. (And Usually When It Runs Good
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Heres Some Changes I Made: (but before. ill tell you)
My Game Ligit Broke After Deleting One Thing That Was Pointless XD (The Username Change Button) I Was Moving It To Another Activity. (Dont worry as i got everything fixed under 30 minutes)

Changed Game Time For Team Games From >60< Seconds To >120<

Added A New Gamemode: [Coin Collectors]


Added Commands

(if you have cmds on you won’t earn anything once game ends


Boss Fights Will Be Added Soon!

How Much Should Each Minigame Cost?

  • Automatically Unlocked
  • 3 Tokens
  • 6 Tokens
  • 9 Tokens

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Right Now I Already Made The Coin Collectors Minigame. But I’m Currently Stuck On The Capture The Flag Game.


WOW my last post was from almost a month?! Sorry…
I Been Procrastinating Alot Lately And A Few Weeks Ago Pocket Code Released New Stuff! It Relesed A New Feature Where you can take a picture from a website and use it for A object. Speaking Of That…

Should I Add A Feature Where You Can Do What I Explained Earlier Along With Giving Your Character A Custom Color?

  • Yes (Both Of Them)
  • No
  • Yes (Just Add Custom Colors)
  • Yes (Just Add Custom Characters)

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Remember The Blured Words I Added In Last Post?
Boss Fights Will Be Added Soon! Boss Fights Were Actually Planned Way Before I Made This Post And I’m Still Thinking About Adding Them?

Am I Adding Upgrades

Absolutely Not. They’ll Just Ruin The Game And Make It Unfair

Not Even Sure What To Do Next…


I used Pocket Code a few months ago.
The ability to save and load a variable written to the device is great for game saves.
One thing i don’t like is you have to code all physics and use lots of blocks to make a sprite act solid.
You can’t just have a collision mask for a character or the environment easily made like it can using Ready.
And Pocket Code crashed when i tried to make 100 clones of a simple sprite.
Ready didn’t have a problem with making a few hundred clones when i once tested the app.


The Pocket Code Engine Can’t handle clones well. Even after the clones are deleted


I suppose each platform has its pros and cons, but having to reinvent the physics engine wheel is just brutal, along with the other weaknesses you guys are discussing.

This is reminiscent of bygone platforms where you had to create your own collision masks. And then there was Flash, where you couldn’t clone at all and you had to either hard-code an estimated max number of copies or re-upload the same .swf for each “clone”.


Birthday Comes Out In 7 Days


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No I was just thinking something and I just sent it by mistake