Feature request: numerical rgba values in colour pickers

Hello Ready Team,

I’m always torn when considering submitting feature requests because one of the wonderful things about ReadyMaker is that it is simple enough for beginners to learn rapidly, and overloading it with ever increasing complexity runs the risk of negating that.

That said, I would love to see the ability to precisely select colours based on rgba (and/or hex) values, perhaps hidden under an “advanced” button or the like. There are several reasons this would be helpful:

  • first, I wanted to teach my summer students about colour representations in computer graphics and noticed I’d have to go outside ReadyMaker to do so, making the lessons less seamless and a little confusing;

  • second, it facilitates reusing colours across game objects and across projects;

  • third, it facilitates matching colours from other sources e.g. graphics editors.

Thanks for considering my suggestion!


Thank you @auntiel!:+1: Yes, that makes sense. We will definitely improve it in the future.


I downloaded the newest ReadyMaker release shortly after it appeared in the Mac store and noticed the new hex color codes! Thank you @Ready and team for implementing this feature from the community request list!! :+1: :grinning:

I noticed, though, that the hex code option is only available for artwork, not for TextBox. Is this in the pipeline? If not, I would like to put in a request for hex color codes for text.

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I’d like to have had RGB or HSB number values to be set with Variables.
So the colors could cycle and get darker or lighter.
I haven’t coded to change colors much so it’s not that important to me.
I’d use animated gifs to change colors if it was needed.


That would indeed be handy, wouldn’t it? It would be a non-trivial update for ReadyMaker, though, as it would necessitate a new Variable type - hex number or string or object (to hold 3 (or 4 if there’s an alpha channel) values). I don’t think many of us would be keen to constantly be converting back and forth between hex and base 10 numbers :wink: