Export and playing the game

When i export my game into unity my player and the Enemy fall aff the Scene.
The reason i am doing this is to test the game for my mobile phone because my shoot button shoot and move the player
and when i pass the first level i cant get my player to move to the next one
and when i copy some thing in my game my events 19 around 27 events


Hi @anto2018! I’ll check your project.
1)If you use the “Load my project” parameter - this not working in the Unity, because you can export only one the ready_pacage.
2)If you copy an object in the editor that is used in events (in the Event Manager) - you copy all its properties, as well create new events. To prevent this from happening, add the required object from your library and set the properties necessary for it.

ok i am confused about number 1 i am making my game as one ready_pacage can you explain that to me in more detail please :thinking::slightly_frowning_face:

and about number 2 makes scents Thanks :grinning:

Hi @anto2018. I checked your project.
Here are a few recommendations.

  1. It needs to be remade anew)))
  2. Do not use the “Stay in Frame” behavior when you move the camera from one level to another.
  3. Create events correctly so that you do not have confusion, add objects separately to the scene, copy them and only then create new events. (Now half of the events do not correspond to the logic of the game, as a result of adding and removing new objects and events, unfortunately the project was completely violated, so I recommend doing it again)
  4. Try to optimize the new option. (Add all the rectangles in one class and adjust the transparency through the event manager, remove the opponents from time to time, remove the points over time, try to reduce the number of objects on the scene, for example you do not need to use two players, use one, that’s enough, just define the desired one position for the player when you go to the second level.You also do not need to use as many rectangles, try to redefine positions for the same rectangles that you use in the first level for the second level. Also, for the second level, move the “Spawners” to a new position. All this will help significantly to optimize the game.)
  5. Disable objects when they are not in use.

In conclusion, I wanted to say that this is a very interesting logic, you have to optimize it and get a great game. Optimization will also help you make do not 1 or 2 levels but much more, by defining a new position for existing objects. To do this, you do not even need to move the camera, just set the objects differently for the new level. Good luck!:+1::wink:

Example “How delete the objects in over time”:

Example “New Position for the rectangles when you go to the next level”:

“ok i am confused about number 1” - you not use the “Load My Project” in the you project, this the just information.

Thank you :+1: any more problem’s ill give you a call :smiley:

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…No problem!:wink:

Hello last night i was show my friend how Ready works now everything was grand until i exported my game into unity that was grand but when i went to play the game i can’t click on the screen to play the game.
Now in Ready everything is cool now when you play the game you can get through the game quick that just for testing other Levels that i am adding on to the game


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Hi @anto2018 - This version looks much better than the previous one. Great work! :+1:It’s good that you succeed. :clap:We are looking forward to the final version. Do not forget to add objects to classes. :wink:

Thank’s but i can’t play the game in UNITY any idea to fix this in Ready it works fine


Hi @anto2018! You just need make the small changes:
1)Add all the cards to the “User Interface” layer:

2)Hide the cards when starting the new level:

3)For the export use the this instructions:


This result:


One comment: Game looking great! But you dont ned use in the scene more 30 - 40 objects (This a not good for the optimization). Try update the position for the all blocks, when the new level start.

2)Hide the cards when starting the new level:
I Feel so stupid Thank’s :joy:

the comment you made about the 30 - 40 object in one scene i did try update the position of the object’s but i got a few bug’s so i have hidden the object as you go to a new scene.

i find it would keep the game working smooth I DONT WHY IT WORKS THAT WAY


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Well, try this … but this will not allow you to make an infinite number of levels. I think you can do for example a counter and call it “Levels”. If it is equal to 1, the positions of the objects are equal position. If 2, you change the positions for objects. You need to do only 1 event for each level. This is a good optimization for your project, the above I showed an approximate code.

cheers thank

i have a question about Ready asset’s can i use any asset to use in my game for commercial use :thinking: :smiley:

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Hi @anto2018! We do not put any demands on this. But we would be grateful if you mention that this is done using Ready. :slightly_smiling_face:

Our team is definitely interested in our games for commercial use. Can you explain what you mean by “demands?”

We do not have any requirements. You can use the your projects for the all your tasks. :slightly_smiling_face:

We sent an email to hey@getready.io about this as well, we will probably contact more about this there as well