Examples/tutorials of cool sprite effects using "LUNAPIC"


This is made using “Animation/Rotating Cube”
You choose 3 sprites to add to the sides and they rotate around, like a cube.

You could make rotating, treasure chests,bombs, enemies very easily.

Whirlpool effect

Reflecting water

Roll Animation


This is very neat! This could be useful in Ready games!


I made this image link just for fun
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@Suzzy-Grey! This is great job :clap:, thanks for that! Really cool program, i think it can be useful in creating the games!:+1:


I didn’t realise the “Scroll” behaviour works so well now.
When Ready first came out, the Scroll behaviour always left a space between the sprites.
(So i avoided using it and made my own animated scrolling gif)


You are finding some very neat stuff! This is awesome!