Error loading in "ready"

error loading in “ready” (WAV Format).how to fix it?
I load the audio in “ready”, but it is not in the download.

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There’s a free sound program for pc called “Audacity”
You could try adding the Wav file to Audacity, then saving the file as a Wav file again.
Maybe the new Wav file made with Audacity will play properly with Ready.

In you have google drive or dropbox, you could place a download link for your sound on the forum and i could try modifying the sound file so it’s compatible with Ready

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Thanks. I don’t have anything.

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I even couldn’t install the program

This link will show how to install Audacity on WIndows.

This link is to a website where you can upload a sound file and convert it to other formats.
Like MP3 to WAV, etc.