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I want to make a quiz game. For it I will make different list of question on various subject.
Is it possible to make list on Ready?

Thanks for your help.

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Hello @mathieu!:slightly_smiling_face: Yes, it is quite simple to implement, I made this project for you as an example: https://ready.app.link/C8OQ2aXU1T

To understand logic, open the project on your phone (on which you have installed Ready Maker), remix the project and save it in your account. (The project will be available in your account).

This the GIF demonstration:


You can easily add any number of questions, make more answer choices, etc.

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Thanks for your answear and your help.:+1:

I will give it a try as soon as possible :):smiley:

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…No problem !:wink:

I don’t get how.

When I click on your link I don’t have the possibility to remix.
And when I open ready on my computer I don’t get how I can find your project^^.

What I’am doing wrong?

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@mathieu - You should open the link on your phone, only if you open it on the phone you will see a remix button.

I install ready maker on my computer with windows.

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For the use the remix from the another account you need also instal the Ready Maker for your phone. (For the export the this remix to the your account, after this you can continue work in the PC)

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Thanks for the explanation.
I wasn’t thinking you told me to get in the phone for it.

Thanks, see you

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Ahh, sorry…:smile:, no problem!