Draw a line form 1 point to point 2


I need a help for draw a line

I want to draw a line form point 1 to point 2
When 1----------connected--------2
Draw a line
Like this
With touch method




You could draw a sprite like this.
Half is erased, but it’s size is still the same.
Drag this to point A, then press a button to increase it’s height.
Then press another button to rotate the sprite so its end is touching point B.
That’s 1 way to do it.

Do u want the line to be a solid object or just for show?

Myself and @Network5 are coding with Unity on pc.
So that’s the focus of our attention now.


Hello @soodv7185! See how the this project is made. In it, we use the two methods at once to create a line, maybe it will help you:https://ready.app.link/re5dQNS2YS

Open the this link on the your phone and create a remix for it so that you can figure it out.:wink:


First thankyou for help

Yes i want line to be solid

Thanku again for help


No problem!:wink: This the another variant the game with the line: https://ready.app.link/RdYsApEmZS . (Here a part of the solid line is hidden behind the second background.)


Thankyou for help leader