Dravin’s Unity Projects

Hey guys, I created this topic to show what I do in unity all together instead of creating different topics for every single game I make. Hope this makes things less crowded when it comes to unity.

I’m starting to work on my second game. The genre it is based on is a genre I have almost little to no experience in - Horror!

I have always wanted to create a horror game for years now, and I attempted it earlier this year and failed. I had no ideas and HATED making the game, and was not fun at all. I wish to create games that are fun to make and that I enjoy.

In a few days I’ll show you what’s been done so far along with the name :slight_smile:

I wanted to show some games and developers that help inspire me to make this current game I’m working on!

Granny by DVLoper


Slendrina by DVLoper

FNAF Series by Scott Cawthon

Alan Wake by Microsoft Studios

And finally, Slenderman!

I’ve loved these games forever now, and they’ve always made me want to create a horror game of my own.

You may have noticed that I featured literally the 2 most popular games by DVLoper. He is my all time favorite developer ever, and is super inspirational as he has one of the top horror games on mobile (Granny) and he’s independent! And he uses unity of course :wink:

I’ll show what’s been going on under the hood in a few days :blush:

Happy making Ready and Unity users!


Hey guys! Wow, I have some cool stuff to show you guys today. Development for my horror game has gone so well that I’m super excited for the future of it.

Here’s the news on my horror game so far (with images!)

Name: Not Our Home

Objective: still being determined, a storyline will be coming with this as well but something you are doing is STEALING! Wouldn’t expect that from a horror game wouldn’t you?

What’s in the game so far?

  • many placeholder assets
  • flashlight
  • enemy
  • and more

The flashlight first spawns on the floor of the map. Walk up to it to collect it, and you’ll have a flashlight!

You can press G to turn the flashlight on (you can’t do this til you’ve collected the flashlight first!) press H to turn the flashlight off.

There’s also 2 houses in the map. One is completely ruined and abandoned, one isn’t as rusted.

Notice that key in the furnace? That’ll be important for the game. Will share more later.

Here’s an environmental image:

The enemy has also been implemented but is no where close to completion.

What can the enemy do? The enemy is a skeleton (may change in the future). It can walk to the player (and chase it), attack the player, and go idle to search the player.

The skeleton is quite blind and cannot see too too far because of the dark fog, but don’t underestimate his vision because of that! :wink:

The enemy can find the player with its line of sight, and the angle is quite big! - 110 degrees!

Some images:

Some animations are buggy right now, but I will fix those later.

Whats coming?

  • replace placeholder assets in the future
  • sounds for the game
  • more realistic flashlight
  • much improved graphics
  • scary sound effects
  • jump-scares
  • cinematic scenes
  • storyline
  • and much more!

Hope you will enjoy this development journey just like I did with Ball World 3D!


Looking really great!!


Thank you!! I’m glad you’re liking it so far! :slight_smile:


New Update!

I added some new things and improved a bunch of stuff, along with some fixes.

  • There is now an exterior to the map, but you’re not able to access it. This is just so it looks like the map isn’t floating in the sky :sweat_smile:
  • There are now waypoints for the skeleton to walk to.
  • The Skeleton has much smoother rotations and rotates to different waypoints
  • the skeleton is able to choose random waypoints
  • When the skeleton can no longer see you, he will go to a random waypoint
  • much smoother animations
  • a few animation fixes
  • There is now a car and it’s headlights are on. This will be important later in the games development.
  • improvements to lighting in the main house with one of the lamps

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New Update!

  • The skeleton now walks on a NavMesh
  • The houses are bigger now
  • Furniture is bigger in the main house
  • Moved a few waypoints for the skeleton
  • Replaced the trees with birch trees that are more realistic and less cartoonish
  • New rocks that are realistic
  • Changed The material for the borders to be more realistic
  • Shadows are now in the game
  • The map is a bit bigger now
  • The enemy now turns slightly faster
  • the enemy and player is slightly bigger
  • When you turn your flashlight off, instead of the map becoming pitch black- you can see EXTREMELY near you only
  • Moved a few assets in the game
  • Added a new key in the game (this makes 3 keys in total so far. The rest is what you’ll have to get from completing certain tasks.)
  • added some new items on the tables in the main house. Will share screenshots later. They’ll be very important for the main goal of the game.

Here’s some images of what you can see without the flashlight, and some shadows! Along with the new trees. (Turn your brightness up to see!)

What do you think? :slight_smile:


Wow, looks very cool!:clap::clap::clap:


Thank you!! I got more updates coming soon :nerd_face:


New Update!

This is a very cool update that I’m VERY proud of. I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear what’s happening!

  • INTRO CUTSCENE: Yes!! You saw that correctly! There is now an intro cutscene when you start the game! It is quite long, and will be having changes in the future. You can press Z to skip the intro scene. The player is first seen getting out of the car and walking out. They look around- confused but knew they were at the right place that they’re supposed to be at (important to the story). They walk to the fence and jumps over it, then walks to the flashlight.
  • The skeleton now has a new spawn area
  • Skeleton won’t appear til after the intro scene is done, or skipped.
  • You can now hold the flashlight!
  • The flashlight spotlight has a new texture
  • New HD shadows
  • There is now a new hut in the exterior of the map. This will be VERY important to the end cutscene (if you survive!! :wink: )
  • Fixed a glitch that allowed the player to literally jump over the fence and freely walk around the exterior of the map, which isn’t supposed to happen. This was a glitch that was fixed before the intro scene, so don’t worry!
  • Fixed a glitch that allowed the skeleton to walk through the fences, into the exterior.


Want to see the intro cutscene, you can on my YouTube (that I don’t use). The video is unlisted but feel free to share it if you’d like to.



Can’t wait to see what you build next :sunglasses:


Why thank you! I really appreciate those kind words :slight_smile:

The next 2 days I’ll have 4 exams left to take, then by the end of Wednesday it’ll be summer vacation.

A lot of time to learn more with game development and make a lot of progress on Not Our Home :smile:



Just an idea for when your loading… into new sections of your game the classic Resident Evil games is doors opening with the zoom still gets me to this day lol


I was thinking of ideas for a loading scene and this definitely helps me think about more ideas! Thank you for that!


Hey guys!

I have finally finished my sophomore year and it is now summer vacation (finally!!)

I haven’t made much progress at all since the last post, but that’s mainly because of so many exams I had to take :confused:

But! I have added a new item and I’m working on new animations and improvements! I’ll try to make a post soon! :slight_smile:


Hey guys! New update :smile:

This is probably the hardest update I’ve done so far and it took me several hours to complete, but it was worth it!

This update had MANY glitches but I have seen to fixed most of them as far as I know.

  • New item: Axe! You can now pick up an axe in the torn down house
  • Attack the skeleton! You can now defend yourself from the skeleton. Right click the mouse when you collect the axe. Without making this overpowered, you can only attack the skeleton 3 times. One hit makes it disappear (for right now), and he will be gone for 15 seconds
  • A new message that displays when you attack the skeleton. This message will only appear for 5 seconds
  • You can now collect any item in the game by pressing the P button! You can no longer just go up to an item now to collect it only. (This was one of my top priorities to fix!)
  • I created an an attack animation for the axe
  • Added a few animations in the game as well. One is at the hut that will make the end cutscene interactive :wink:
  • Improvements to the car in the exterior part of the map
  • Added some new objects to the hut. The windows are now boarded up and there’s now a wooden plank that blockades the two front door. (This may be the thing that was animated for the end cutscene!!)
  • Fixed a glitch that caused the skeleton to literally get stuck in the branches of the trees :joy:
  • Changed a few collider
  • The flashlight now has a wider range
  • The enemy is slightly faster
  • The enemy can now turn a bit faster

Here’s some images! -

image image image

This surely was a hard update to make, I will not lie. I really hope you guys enjoy this little devlog for the game, and are excited for the future of Not Our Home as much as I am!

P.S. - I was able to program almost everything, If not all of this update myself! There was a lot of coding involved, and animations created and this is a pretty big milestone for me! :slight_smile:

What do you think of the update? :smile:


It can be seen that a lot of work has been done!:+1: The game looks cool, I liked the screenshot where there is a skeleton near you, it can really scare.:flushed::grimacing::laughing:


Thank you @Ready! That definitely means a lot! :blush::heart:


Hey guys! New update!

  • For starters, the largest glitch in the game has been fixed. The glitch was where the skeleton would easily get stuck into so many places, and if you had left him in the house, he had no way of getting out unless you lead him out. The NavMesh agent has now been implemented into the code for the enemy so It can avoid obstacles alone, and can even walk in and out of the houses by himself!
  • The enemy now has 11 more waypoints! Some are in the houses! (This makes the game a lot harder)
  • Locker! There is now a locker in the main house. You can go into the locker to hide from the skeleton. He will walk away if you’re in there, and will walk to a random waypoint. If he’s still in the room and you leave the locker, he will attack you unless you enter the locker again. You must wait a few seconds before leaving :wink: (Note: if you turn your flashlight off before entering the locker, it will automatically turn on for you when you’re in the locker so you can see. It will turn back off when you leave the locker).
  • Fixed a few more minor glitches
  • Made a few adjustments

What do you think? :slight_smile:


I think I feel like playing it lol


Thank you very much @James!

There’s also a new update!

  • New Icon
  • New banner
  • New Jumpscare! You can now be jumpscared by the skeleton!
  • The skeleton now carries a knife
  • Added a new key that may be hard to find
  • The players Brother is now Added to the game
  • The skeleton now emits a light on his face. You can only really see it if you’re very close to him and your flashlight is off. It’s not obvious to where the player can see him coming out of their peripheral vision.
  • Larger font sizes
  • Changed the arial fonts to fonts that suit the game
  • Game over message appears after the jumpscare, this will be after the end cutscenes in the future, but it’s here for now.
  • You can now press R to restart the game
  • You can now press the escape key to exit the game
  • When you get jumpscared and you’re carrying the axe- the axe will break automatically. There was a huge glitch where If you attacked the skeleton while being jumpscare, the whole jumpscare would freeze and break. I will make it to where the axe will just fall in the future.
  • Text will not appear to carry items or go into the locker when being jumpscared
  • Fixed a few other minor things
  • Made a few other adjustments



Oh, and the brother? He’s probably the biggest part of the storyline for this game, and the biggest part for the end cutscenes. I have been working on it! :wink:

image image

Icon and banner:

What do you think? :slight_smile: