Dravin’s Unity Projects


  • New icon!
  • New main menu!
  • Improved path finding: Enemies are now able to reach new places and detect the player on surfaces much easier, quicker, and more efficiently now.
  • New low quality setting: Distress. This quality setting is now the lowest in the game, and is mainly recommended for devices that are older and much slower than other devices.
  • When you attack an enemy from now on, depending on the difficulty you’re on, will determine how long your enemy will be gone now (the default is no longer 15 seconds and is now 30 seconds).
  • When the players flashlight dies, they will now emit a very small light to help guide their way around.
  • There is now a new transition when attacking enemies
  • You can now destroy the Mask That Stops Time (to do so, have the axe in hand and go behind the mask).
  • The introduction camera now has a larger spotlight angle
  • If you hit an invisible border outside of Jacobs house, a transition will appear and will block the players view. This is to signify that Jacob will not leave on foot. The transition will go away once you step away from the invisible border(s).
  • New spider death animation
  • Drastically increased the grass texture on the ground.
  • Lengthened the wait time on the phone in the skeletons house to ring.
  • The players car now has a new color
  • Time goes up by an hour a bit slower now
  • Improved call conversation with Emily
  • Pausing the game is now mentioned
  • Changed & Improved some controls
  • Miscellaneous improvements
  • Updated copyright
  • Many bug fixes
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Been working hard on something that will be coming very soon! :slight_smile:


Not Our Home: Platinum Edition, coming out this spring.

Watch the official announcement teaser here:


The first sneak peek to platinum edition! :grin:


Second sneak peek of Platinum Edition! New security system in the works. :wink:


v1.4.1: Pre-Platinum Edition Update

  • Several minor improvements
  • Performance enhancements
  • Many bug fixes

Every improvement implemented into Platinum Edition that can apply to the free version is also in this version. Everything else to be added to platinum edition will no longer apply to the free version unless it is other enhancements and fixes.


Only a few things to add before the beta and it’ll be out to testers! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone. A new player has made a YouTube video of my game -

Sadly, the player faced many issues with the game and had played on a more outdated version.

To make up for it, I have since thanked the player for his feedback and I mentioned version 1.4.1 if he wishes to play again and have a better experience.

Players who have a negative experience with my game are at top priority as issues they face are what I need to focus on in future updates, which is crucial when making games. :slight_smile:


NOH: Platinum Edition should be releasing this April! With this announcement, Network5 Games has also written out a statement along with other very important announcements:

“Hi everyone!

This has been a crazy week for Not Our Home: Platinum Edition!

As some of you may know, Platinum Edition was sent to testers exactly one week ago. During this time period we found many bugs and the build did not meet our expectations on how stable it really was, which is normal in a beta.

Every issue we have found was eventually fixed but there are some aspects of the game we are going to be changing. These changes will also be applied to the free version. The changes we will be making are changes that has been highly requested by our players.

We hope to release the second beta of Platinum Edition next weekend and we plan to release the v1.4.2 update of the free version hopefully later on this month.

On our social media’s we have also shown the icon for Platinum Edition! Check it out on our Instagram or Twitter! We have also shared out that Platinum Edition should release this April, and we are extremely excited about that! We have been very steady with this release so far, and we want to release a game that you will be very happy to play with.

Network5 Games”


Network5 Games will be turning 2 in 15 days!!

Just like last year, I’ll share everything that was accomplished in the previous year.

This logo will represent Network5 Games til April 1st :smile::smile:


The Not Our Home: Platinum Edition exclusive soundtrack is now available to listen on YouTube.

Testers have also received the second beta which consists of over 20 bug fixes and improvements :slight_smile:

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  • From here on out, you can now acquire the potion before all 7 keys have been collected
  • You can no longer die in invisible mode, and the time will never go up on that mode
  • You can now enter the major building in the skeletons yard. However all Easter eggs will be hidden until Amanda is found
  • Each hour now takes longer to go up, allowing the player to have more time to play until 4am
  • The skeleton now plays a heartbeat sound to indicate that he is nearby
  • All trap potions now have a red light on them
  • You can now press E to use the axe
  • Keys now emit a light
  • Miscellaneous improvements
  • Bug fixes

Here is a statement that me and my game studio recently made today:



  • Minor enhancements
  • Minor improvements
  • Important bug fixes


Today’s the day! Network5 Games is now 2 years old!!

In my opinion, this was the best year for Network5 Games so far. We have learned so much during this year. We learned how to be a good developer to players, we learned new publishing techniques and how to program different things via C#. We continued to expand our biggest project to-date.

Yesterday I made the jump from Unity 2017.3.1p4 to Unity 2019.3.7f1.

The upgrade was a success! There were very minor issues with textures, but it was all fine in the end.

I’m also learning how to create installers for my games. Many many many new things will be coming in 2020 that I am so excited for!

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Congratulations, you are a great team. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: :mechanical_arm: :video_game: :metal:

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Not Our Home: Platinum Edition will be coming to Steam, iOS, and Android! This will be the be the largest launch Network5 Games will have.

Steam will receive the game in mid May, and mobile will hopefully come soon right after that.

It will also be the first time we will appear on these app stores!


Not Our Home: Platinum Edition Official Trailer will be released this Friday!

This will probably be the best & longest trailer we will have so far! :slight_smile:



  • The game now requires an installer to install the game
  • Upgraded from Unity 2017.3.1p4 to Unity 2019.3.7f1
  • Performance improvements
  • Quality improvements
  • Bug fix