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I recently got hit with a bunch of feedback from a user on the Unity Forums.

Not Our Home has a whole thread on there and I post as often as I can when it comes to updates on there as well: https://forum.unity.com/threads/not-our-home-a-horror-game.708305/

But anyways, a user let me know about major lag issues and a bunch of issues with the game that I have completely missed.

I am fixing all of these issues in 1.3.2 to prevent more users from having a negative experience.


I am now processing a stable build of 1.3.2 (from my knowledge…)

I’ll try to publish this update on Sunday. This update has a lot of fixes and fulfills requests of many players. :slight_smile:


I uploaded the build a little bit earlier, but the update is now out!


  • Removal of Halloween props
  • We have heard you: A third font is now in the game for all dialogue. Text should be easier to read!
  • Minor dialogue change when you have all the keys and try to answer the phone
  • Repositioned the flashlight. It is now harder to collide it into walls
  • Fixed certain objects from flickering
  • Fixed minor design issues
  • Fixed quality issues outside of the house
  • Improved loading pages
  • Improved compatibility on larger screens
  • Improved text quality
  • Performance optimizations, smoother gameplay
  • Other minor bug fixes





There was a major bug found in 1.3.2

​This is a quick hotfix to the 1.3.2 update.


  • Fixed an out of map glitch that allowed the player to leave the map very easily and break the game.

Due to the strict version guidelines on GameJolt, this update is marked as 1.3.3 on there. This is the same update, just a different version number to follow GameJolts guidelines


Guys check out what came in the mail!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This is the easiest free way to animate a 3d character I’ve found so far.
Download blender at blender.org
Download this free rigged guy https://free3d.com/3d-model/rigged-male-human-442626.html
When you look at the guys model file or unzip the file, you’ll see a Blender image at the start of one of the files.
Click that file and it will open with Blender.
Scroll with middle button towards model. Click one of the black wire bones
All bones will turn white with balls at the joints
You’ll see a record/play bar at the screens bottom middle
Click the record(square with a dot)
left mouse down on a joint ball.
Drag it where you want.
At bottom screen left you’ll see a blue square at 0…
That is a time bar.
After you finish each movement you want. drag that blue square to the right and set another movement.
So if your guys standing still at 0 secs and you drag the bar to 20 and raise a leg.
Then click the play icon, the guy will raise his leg over a 2 second period.
That’s as much as i have learned so far.
Some free 3d models aren’t rigged.
It’s a lot more difficult to make your own bones for models.
So if you download more character models, look for models that are rigged.
Hope this helps so you can easily make your own custom animations.

(cool shirt. where did you order it from?)


@Suzzy-Grey Oh awesome!! That is amazing! Extremely helpful. I’ve heard of that animation software as well but I never got around to using it, but I’ll give it a try now!

Network5 has its logo on certain apparel items on Spreadshirt, a Germany based company but used by thousands of people. network5games.com/clothing (spreadshirt even recently brought in polo shirts which is kinda neat lol!)

I bought the Men’s T-Shirt. Later on I’ll buy the hoodie with the logo on it later this month :slight_smile:


I found this video showing how to make your own skeleton and add it to a model.
This will be great for animating 3d models that aren’t rigged and models made with paint 3d


Not Our Home 2 now has a devlog on GameJolt!



Woohoo! The hoodie now came in! :slight_smile:


NOH 2 has now been in development for 1 month, so here is the progress made so far:

  • The city is now complete with its first prototype! See below if interested! :slight_smile:
  • The Skeleton can now detect the player all around it a lot easier and smarter than before
  • The Skeleton can now walk around areas a lot smarter as well and can detect things much better than before. He definitely seems to be much smarter than in the first game!
  • The player and skeleton walk faster as their speed was too slow with the size of the city map
  • Prototype for the skeleton jumpscare
  • Physics improvements for the player
  • Several big fixes

(Note: the jumpscare menu will not be in the finished game! I did this in the first game as well for the prototype)

The city:

  • Expanded the city
  • New city props
  • New buildings
  • The player now has a car, different one than the first game as well
  • Improved the jumping mechanic for the player (the player can’t jump in the first game!)
  • the player can no longer fall off the map



I’ve made this short 3d animation with Blender
so far.
I can help with your next game by animating rigged 3d characters.


That is awesome! Thank you!

If you’re still interested in regular assets like furniture and stuff, I do have a few things in mind now


If you make an account at free3d.com you can download a lot of free 3d models.
Buildings.furniture, the guy i linked, animals. Not all are rigged though.

ok, what assets would you like?

If you provide me a link to download the skeleton model you are using i could try and make some custom animations (if the skeletons rigged, which it probably is seeing as it already animates)


I love Free3D but a bunch of their assets can’t be used for final versions as most of their assets are for personal use only, and that violates copyright.

I’ll leave you a message whenever I have a list, but it will mainly be assets for indoors and maybe some assets for outside purposes!


Also, another Youtuber played Not Our Home!


Your game looks great.
The quick shaking up and down when walking probably needs tweaking as it looks a bit fast


Yeah Ik. He was on a different quality setting that caused that. There are many glitches I noticed in his video.

However I’m really glad he enjoyed the game! He was really positive throughout :slight_smile:


Chromaray made a part 2 video!


Check this out.
Free download and free commercial use.