Decision based game


I’m a teacher and I’m dabbling into game design with Ready.

For my first project, I would like to create a text decision-based game with my students. Think of the Whiteout game for iPhone as an example.

The problem, I’m not sure how to even start. Any suggestions for the UI and about actually bringing the decision tree to life?

Thank you

Like the “You are stranded and have no idea about anything” game?

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Exactly. Any idea where to start? :rofl:

Something that complex and complicated probably is not suited for Ready. Even if you did manage to create it (And you probably could if you took the time to figure it out), it would be slow (especially on older devices), and hard to maintain.

One of the main issues that you will run into is that there is no way to save information from session to session on Ready, so that means you would not be able to save the users progress.

I would find some smaller projects to do first, and eventually work your way up to using programs like Unity and Unreal to make this game.