Creative Thinking, by Dravin


Hello all,

I am Dravin. Creator of Network5, and a sophomore in high school.

I am definitely into making games, but I have something new on my mind now as well.

In separation of Network5, I’d like to show a project I have been thinking about for a while now. This is not the final product, and this is the first prototype.

I will be working on this individually, and will try to do a lot with this in the future if this becomes a thing.

I’d like to present the very first idea and prototype of Creative Thinking!

As I said, this is no where collaborated with Network5. This is all individually by me.

What is Creative Thinking?

This will be the first app I will have ever mentioned out. It is a drawing app mainly for PCs, and maybe someday, mobile devices.

What makes Creative Thinking different?
This is a brilliant thing to ask when anything is released. Kind of asked it a lot to myself when I work with my wonderful helpers from Network5. Creative Thinking is all about having fun. It is not professional work. I want it to be a tool for kids, mainly elementary students, or even middle schoolers, to use to draw on their PC.

Art is becoming huge now in today’s generation. We see it everywhere. Kids love art. We should give them something they want.

Name: Creative Thinking
Release Date: Unknown


Using clone black squares to draw and clone white squares to erase.
If you add an individual counter value to each clone, like 1st clones 1, 2nd clones 2 etc, you could have an UNDO ability, where a clone gets destroyed if it’s counter value is greater than a Variable that gets lowered when a buttons tapped/pressed


This is a great idea :+1:, I will try to find one of our projects, where we implemented something like that, maybe it will help you move on.:wink:


That’s a great idea @Suzzy-Grey!

@Ready I’m sure that would be super helpful!


Hi @Network5, please look the this project:


This will be individually done by Dravin, but I gave it a look!

Seems interesting… maybe a drawing game in the future? :grin:


Thank you guys for the ideas!

@Ready thank you for the reference!


I don’t know, maybe :slightly_smiling_face:


More features and changes!

Clean design
Changed the look of the pencil & eraser
Decreased the size of the squares

More features are definitely coming! Going to make this as an app for K-6 maybe. But this can be used for anyone, those are just the recommended grades :stuck_out_tongue:


That is very a very cool implementation. And colors? Sweet!


…Cool :+1:


Here’s a little view of the colors:

Thank you guys for that!


A simple example of what can be done so far:


Some ideas to add (if you’d like to recommend something, plz do!! I’d love to take suggestions!!)

  • Lesson videos (you can do this with a move recorder)
  • A shop to buy more colors
  • Start over button
  • size of the eraser and button. Draw or erase bigger or smaller!
  • and more!


Ability to resize the tool? Thinner or thicker lines?

Using a tool to make a tool is cool.



A prototype of the menu. Will edit this. What do you think?



Hey, we should be making animated menus!


This will appear on the splash screen. It’s a logo I made for my initials :slight_smile:
Very simplistic but I love it.