Created an atmospheric game in 3 years of development

About game
You, in the person of Ronah, are exploring an anomalous forest in which things unknown to science occur. On the first path, you meet monsters and difficult tasks that you need to cope with. But, on the way of investigation - you fall into a terrible cave, from where you need to get out.
Will you be able to defeat the bosses, minions and many others for the achieved goal?
My plans
Wow, it’s been a long time in development. Now I’m drawing new animation details and a comic for the plot in the game.
Ready Maker is the best engine that is distributed free of charge without ads and subscriptions.
I plan to release the game for Nintendo Switch (already registered in the program and received the NX EDEV-D Kit devkit), Steam (already registered in the program), Google Play and App Store (already registered in the programs).


Wow! That looks so cool!


@artemkritinin Wow nice game :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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