Cookie Clicker: Recreation of nostala

Look at this awesome #ReadyMaker project made with @getreadyio! what do you think?


Hi @Heyitsgalaxycreeper! Do you plan to develop it further?
If you want to make a game in the “Clicker” style, you can use the “Life Meter” and reduce its value at various intervals, if the value is less than zero - you lose.
Add the “Life Meter”, Min Value = 0, Max Value = 5, Value = 5
Add the “Text” and name it “End Game Text”
Add the “Cookie” object
Add the “Score Label”
Create the new global variable, type-number, value=0,6, name it “Time”

Events example:

   System/Runtime/Scene Start

   End Game Text/Appearance/Set Hidden/Yes

(Life Meter Subtract Value)

   Life Meter/Appearance/Hidden/No
   System/Runtime/Repeat Every/Time (Use global variable)

   Life Meter/Value/Subtract/1

(Add Score)

   End Game Text/Appearance/Hidden/Yes
   Cookies/Sensing/Touch Down

   Score Label/Score Label/Add/1
   Life Meter/Value/Add/1

(Increase level difficulty)

   Score Label/Score Label/Greater Than/3
   Variable/Time/Greater Than/0.1
   System/Runtime/Repeat Every/3 sec


(End Game)

   Life Meter/Value/Less Than/1
   End Game Text/Appearance/Hidden/Yes

   End Game Text/Appearance/Hidden/No

It’s meant to be like a usual clicker game, click the thing. There’s no end, just click it.

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Yeah, this is your game and you can come up with any logic :+1:, we have offered you only recommendations that you can use for this game or for your future games.:wink:

I made my own take on these types of games!!!


Hi @abcTheCoder! :wink: Interesting first version!:+1:
Some ideas:

  • I think it would be great to always add a random value at the start to the “Life Meter”, so that players would not be able to calculate the result in advance.
  • I think it would be great if you limit the number of attempts. (Maybe It would also be a good idea to add a second “Life Meter”, which will show the countdown of time to give an answer.” If time is up, you lose.)
  • For each guessed strip - you earn points, then generate a new value for the life meter and you can continiue playing.
    This way your game will last as long as you won’t make a mistake.
  • All results save in the leaderboard.
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