Completely lost. Objects now wont take behaviors or

I was really starting to like this one, thought i had it pretty clean in design, but now it wont accept changes. Meh…

Look at this awesome #ReadyMaker project made with @getreadyio!

If someone could tell me what i have done wrong, it would be very much appreciated.


When the Laser buttons tapped, the ship drops a lazer that doesn’t move and sits still.
Is that what you wanted to happen?

I tried to remix/edit and wasn’t able to place any extra code blocks either
You can link projects together, so a new project can open during the game
You could make another stage with different enemies and scenes
Has the max coded Whens/Do been reached?

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I think maybe i know now, i might need to rebuild the laser bullet effect…i was trying to get the powerup star effect trail changed when it seemed to break. I had made a few changes without saving. I kinda lost track of this one, too bad because i liked it. I really wanted to add some lasers to the tie fighters, but im not sure how to get the enemy to target with a laser.
Edit: thanks again for the clue. I had somehow added a blank DO in my laser code. Removed and it seems to be working again. At least the laser. I still cant add bullet to the gold star…it wont take any changes.
Oh well. I have othe ideas.


A way for the enemy ships to shoot at the player is,

When bullet class senses, overlapping, enemy class ship,
Do affected bullet class member, face, player.
Do affected bullet class member, apply force forwards 0.1?

Use physics with gravity off for the enemy bullets.


@Watersharer, also maybe this small tutorials help for you:

Gun Controller - method 1
Gun Controller - method 3
AI(Enemy) - method 1
AI(Enemy) - method 2
AI(Enemy) - method 3


I’m still trying to see if there’s some simple code tricks to have a sprite face or set position to affected class member.
If a Variable “Angle” value could be set to a class members angle, this would help with a a sprite being able to face an affected class member. A sprites angle could be set to the Variable “Angle” minus 180. This would result in a sprite facing the class member that last set the Variable “Angle” value.
Maybe you could mention this idea in your staff meeting for a future update.

(A trick that works if only using a single class member is for the class member to set position to a target sprite that’s invisible. A bullet can aim at the invisible sprite, which gives the impression of the class member being aimed at)


Yes, such opportunities, I hope will be available soon. We have already begun to work on improving the logic for working with classes. After it is ready, I think such tasks will be easy to do.


At the moment, the condition “Affected object in class Enemy/Angle/Face to object/Player” works correctly! But the condition “Affected object in class Enemy/Angle/Face to object/Affected object in class Player” - not working


Thank you for the links. I think maybe those gifs are giving me trouble…i know you work hard on them, but i find them almost impossible to learn from. Too fast, often too obscure, and really hard at times to even see what you did. I spend more time rewatching them, hoping to glimpse what happened, than i would watching a complete video.

Maybe little kids learn differently these days, i cant hummingbird this stuff in like that.

I will keep trying. Im not a kid, so i kinda expect to feel a little slow, lol.

As this app matures i am sure learning will get easier.


@Watersharer - Yes, you are right :slightly_smiling_face:, the GIF tutorials are quite difficult to understand when we use complex logic, so for all the basic tutorials we made new ones in the video format that are available on our YouTube channel in the quick tips section. But these tutorials have not yet been redone. All these methods we have already shown in our other tutorials on YouTube in the “Creating Games” section. But when the turn comes, we will make and these short tutorials for YouTube. :wink:


Thanks for the reply. I have another question, and i feel it deserves a sticky or tutorial or something. I have looked, so if it exists i apologize.

Is there any documentation on things like:

How big is each grid square?
If i set grid position x=1, how far is that in meters from 0? (If i wanted something to move from A to B in 10 seconds, at 0.1m/s…for instance.)

Or how big is the build area in meters, is it variable, or fixed? Does the area grow, or just the camera moves in closer to smaller things?

Sorry…lots of questions, some i dont even know if matter, lol.


Hi @Watersharer! The scene is endless; when you play your scene, you can move in all directions as far as you want. The coordinate value corresponds to the distance in meters. For example, the coordinate “X” with a value of 1 will be equal to a distance of 1 m from the center (X with a value of 0). One of our subscribers made a good project for more convenient calculation of coordinates in the scene, look at this post: XY Coordinates Reference