Click issue on windows


Hi, I cant make click correctly with the application in full screen in windows! anyone with the same problem?


There are sometimes glitches in full screen mode. Resize the window manually to be very big - but not full screen - and that should resolve it.


Hello @cesarmdq!
This also should help you:
Switch to full-screen mode, when the Ready is working using the “Alt + Enter” keys combination. Also, please let us know for what screen resolution you have this problem so that we can fix it in the future. Thank you!


works great, thank you so much!!! my resolution is 1366 x 768.


Thank you for reporting this bug!:wink:


My laptop has the same resolution.
ALT+ENTER fixed the problem for me as well.


Yes, this is an old problem, I remember that you had it as long ago, we are still looking for options to optimize work for all permissions