Centred text not in the centre


I am assuming position 0,0 is in the centre of the screen? When I set position of a centred Text label, it is over to the left, not centred.


Any advice appreciated.


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Hello Stephen! Check if you have spaces or other characters after “Tap to start” text


I don’t…looks centred on the stage when I manually position to 0,0 - just not at runtime.

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That’s odd. @indy2005 I tried to place text and mine was fine. Check my settings and see if there is any difference with your text and mine:

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Oh- and May I ask what device you’re using?

If you’re using a bezelless phone that may be why. I’ve experienced a lot of issues with ready maker with a bezelless phone.


Looks fine at design time, it is runtime where the issue is. I also seem to get my joypads getting cut off. Not sure how canvas size maps to screen for the device. I have iPhone 8 Plus.


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Seems to work if you put it on UI layer. When on UI layer, it appears not centred at design time, but ok at runtime !!


Has this happened with any other texts or text boxes?

Or is it only happening to that one text box?

If you haven’t already, try to make another one and see if it reoccurs


Really strange bug, I tried to repeat this for my devices and I didn’t succeed. In fact, we support more than 8,000 devices, it is possible that on some devices we can sometimes see interface problems.

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