Can't make Ready Maker Working


I am new with ReadyMaker…

I tried to load a sample project, like orbital, when I start, It I see only numbers running !!!

I am Working on a PC with window 10.

Could you help me ?



Hello @jean_claude! Welcome to the our forum! :mechanical_arm: What Windows 10 version you use (32bit or 64 bit)? And how long have you updated your windows? (In the latest version, we switched to a new version of Unity and you may have problems in very old versions of Windows 10).

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Thank’s for quick reply…

My computer is running Windows 10 Pro 64.
It’s up to date. Version : 10.0.18363

Another test I made : just put an eye on blank background rolling and can drag it.
First time works fine. Named and saved. When I open ready maker again, the project is here, when i want to edit it, I have just a blank screen !!


@jean_claude - Thanks! You use the latest version of ready maker? (From this site: If so, please describe in more detail the information about your computer (Screen resolution, this is a personal computer or laptop, etc.) We need to understand why this is happening on your device, because on our part we do not see such problems.

Also you can try install the previous version for the your device:

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I was using the latest version ReadyMaker (2.5.32).

I have tested with my laptop Dell N7110 - I7-2630QM - 8Gb Ram - 1600x900.
It’s an old machine, but I have updated with SSD and Windows 10 and it’s run very well.
I have also tried on my desktop computer a newer machine I9-9900k with 32Gb Ram, 4K,
It was the same.

I have tested on my old android (5.5.1) tablet it is working perfectly !!

BUT BUT BUT… with the 187 version all works fine on my WIndows machines !!!

For me, just now, everything is OK… but what about the new version ?
Apprently, the problem is not computer dependant.

If you want more information ask me.

Again thanks for your help, I can now go further with ReadyMaker.



Thanks for the information, we will try to investigate this issue, it is strange that you are the first to write to us about such problems!

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Hello! It happens on my students’ computers too.


We finally figure out why the Ready Maker was giving an error for some users…

What happens is that different countries show numbers in different ways, so

  • 1.265,72 here in another country (probably)
  • 1,265.72 in the US and Canada, and basically in every project we have saved until now

so when Ready Maker tries to recreate the project, it assumes that the . just mean a thousand, and keeps the number decimal, instead of making it a real number with the parts smaller than 1.

The solution is to go into the OS settings and change it for now, before next release. For windows that means searching for “Changing the way Currency is displayed”, in the Region part of the Control Panel or wait a new build.


Hi @Ready and everybody on this forum…

I was not there for a long time, because I was frustrated with the version 2.5.32 not working on my windows 10 computers. :pensive: :pensive: , also I was searching other solution with no real simple solution to making games. So I have stopped from this time…

I discover today your reply to this post and try it… that’s working with regional US setup. :smiley:

I must take new habits to write numbers :thinking:It’s little confusing !

Do you think a new version solving this problem will be launched ?

Thank’s for your research and temporary solution :+1:

Take care



Hi @jean_claude! Yes, of course, this error has already been fixed and everything should work well for you in the next build.


Thank you very much. Finally it’s working in my PC, after this change


Hello @Ready,

Have you a schedule for the next build avalibility ?

have a good day.


Hello @jean_claude! At the moment, I still do not sure about the what new features we add to the next release, I only know that special attention was paid to fixing bugs. The release is expected in the first half of August.


Hy @Ready,

Have you some news about the (windows 10 )release fixing our bug ?

Thank’s in advance for news


Hi @jean_claude - We are still awaiting all bug fixes from our developers and the introduction of additional features. At the moment, I’m really at a loss to name the release date of the new build.