Cant embed my game problem

Hello, when I copy and paste the html code to include my game on a web page, the play and full screen buttons are not shown. Any tutorial on the subject? Thank you!

Hi @cesarmdq, Send an example of your page.

Yes, sure.

In the educational platform of my school:


In a blank html page:



Thank you for the help!

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Thanks @cesarmdq! I will try to help you, you do not have the opportunity to send the “HTML” code of the page where you use it? Perhaps some of the assets are not loaded for your page.

@cesarmdq - Also, just try update the your page in the hosting, some resources may not be available for the local server.

I uploaded it here:

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@cesarmdq, this correct HTML code:


Can you download this file?

Yes and it works well! what was the problem to know?. Thank you very much!

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No Problem! :wink: (It was necessary to simply add some styles to display the buttons.)

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