Can you make the Counter value entered in blocks in a future update?

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In a future update can you make a sprites counter be used as an option wherever a number has to be entered?
Like a variable used in Scratch?
This would enable more advanced code to be made.

Can you give some examples of what this would permit people to do?

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For changing depth for a pseudo 3 game.
Depth can be set but not increased,decreased when a sprites tapped/pressed currently.
Custom made physics could be made who’s values could be controlled.
A sprites height/width could be precisely controlled and displayed as a counter value.

A game i’m making with Construct 2 has the wind directions “X” force value set randomly from -1 to -100 or 1 to 100 at the start of a players turn
I would have to code 200 Whens with READY to achieve a similar result (When random number = 1?? When random number = 2?? etc)
A Random number value set for a Counter and coding a Counter’s value anywhere a number can be entered would help with not having to code 200 Whens with READY

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Hi @Suzzy-Grey - We are already working on a global variable that will solve more problems. Perhaps it will appear in the next version. And also other features that are in Construct 2-D, for example random speed or the position of an object in a random place.(set randomly from -1 to -100 in Construct 2D)

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