Can a Ready project be imported into another Ready account?

Hello Ready Team!

Our students have created some wonderful projects using shared accounts that we set up for them. We would like for our students to be able to keep their projects and continue working on them in their own Ready accounts on their own computers. I know how to export to Unity3d, but can Ready projects be imported to ReadyMaker? In other words, can we copy a project from one Ready account to another?


Cool! The easiest way to do this is to share the projects over email or chat. The student then opens the project on mobile using their personal account in ready (not desktop) and then remixes it. They then save the remix to their “my workshop”. From there they can keep working on desktop or mobile.

The one caveat is you have to first open the share link on mobile. On desktops sharing opens a browser webgl session and you can’t save from that.

Good luck !


Mobile’s the key - got it and thank you so much @davidsol! We’ve been working on desktop and I wouldn’t have thought of trying mobile to find our solution. I’ll try it!

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Worked a charm! Our students and their parents will be so pleased. Thanks again @davidsol!


Great to hear! What kind of projects did the students make?

Their projects are based on the Maze Game project from the “learn” page. These students had no prior experience with game engines (no Scratch etc). We started them out building the game to spec and then had them build additional levels according to their own designs, then connect the levels (see my question in here about that). All of them got very creative with the look of their game and several researched on their own how to add additional features e.g. moving walls or a life meter.

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That’s cool! How did you hear about Ready at first?

I’m out of time now, but I’ll get back to you later. Is there a private message system we could use to continue this discussion?