Business simulation game

This is a business simulate game , how to bargaining、Being rich.

Custem: Arthur
Seller: player
Goods: Green Mayan
Monies: Coin
Faces: bargaining button、PK button and restart button.

How to win:
Arthur have some ability to bargaining price – disappear

Find Arthur to make high price.

best seller:
Lv. 1 plus 520 coin
Lv. 2 plus 550 coin
Lv. 3 plus 600 coin
plus 490 coin


Hello @gartme ! This is a very unusual and interesting game! I really like how you did it. :clap::slightly_smiling_face::+1:The only thing You need to fix, try to add all the active buttons to the “User Interface” layer. (They are not always active for me)

Thanks @Ready ,I`ll fix it
and how to export Events to one lists , easy to check and fix bugs.

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