Bugs and issues

My issue: My device is a tablet. The app started crashing after the big update. I love it but the new interface when editing a game is a bit to big. Whenever I open a project it crashes 5 mins into it. Then I lose all of my unsaved data. And there’s this glitch where you have an object, for example white car. Select camera, chase cam. Sand select orientate to object and you test play your game. When your return to the editor your background is rotated. please do take your time to fix this if you can. Thank you!
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Hi @BROWNpuppy432! Thanks for you help! I Also have this problem witch the camera in my android (Fine working in my PC). We fix this problem for next version. For this “Whenever I open a project it crashes 5 mins into it” - I do not find such a problem on my phone. Maybe there is a problem with the memory in the tablet? You can describe in more detail what steps you are doing in the project, after which the program closes. Also please tell me on which device you are working in Ready. Please write what model of your device. Thank you!