Bug Reports on App & Forum

Found some bugs in the app and on the forum @Ready

  • Move towards feature cant detect objects that it must follow when they are far away
  • When things move and become hidden, and the camera is following them- the camera will continue to move and will not stop (this is only when the player becomes hidden when you are in the middle of moving the player. Then the camera will just start to drift on Its own)
  • When on mobile, sharing a game on the forum, the link will not appear except for the text when you obtain the copied text from the Ready app “check out my game from @getreadyio” message is what I mean.

Thanks @Dravin!:+1:

1)You adjust the “Active Zone” parameter?:

2)Yeah, interesting bug, i created ticket for our ingener team.

3)Now i checked this in the my Android device and this working well for me and i not have problem with add link to the forum (Maybe today we add new ver. of Ready Maker) This working well for her.



  1. thank you for showing me that. I didn’t know that was a thing in Ready.

  2. on android it seems to be fine but it’s different on iOS. Sorry, forgot to clarify.

There’s also a bug where If you have a lot of assets to load in on the event manager, they can appear in strange places. For example, this is when I was trying to set a position to something and all these items started to show up

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Wow :flushed:, i will need check this, thanks @Dravin!

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