Bug reports (15 characters.)


Since there doesnt seem to be any organized place for this.

1.gif uploads cause the app to hang and require restart. The PC version seems to allow one actual upload, the second just stalls the app at the 100% point. On android the number varies, but i can tell when the system has hit its break point because all the gifs turn black and will not run.
2. The app doesnt recognize .ogg or .wav on android. I can only load audio thru my PC. Workflow killer, and super annoying.

And as a side note, this forum is wonky and filled with arbitrary rules and stupid limits. Was that 15 characters?


Thank you very much for your message. Regarding the first error, we know about it, at the moment a task has already been created for it, it will be fixed in future versions. The second error needs testing, we will definitely check it in the near future on several devices.
I like your idea - add a new section in the forum dedicated to new bugs that users find. I think we will create it.

There are restrictions on the forum for short messages … I usually put dots in front of short messages, this should help.