Black border top and bottom of background. How do I


I am using an Ipad Pro (large screen size), and PC for designing my children’s interactive book.

BUT, I get a horizontal line above and below the playback area.

What can be done for the background that I upload to fill the whole playback area when playing a Ready Maker file?

Also, what size should I use for the background that I upload (Landscape)?

The children’s book will hopefully be made available for the Ipad Pro (large screen size), and for playback on the browsers, as well as Windows.

Thank you for your assistance.


See screen dump for problem.

Thank you.


Hi Paul!
For the your ipad use the these settings:

The size of the background image can be: 1440px X 1080px

Here is how it looks for the ipad 2018:

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Thank you SOOOO much.

I missed the first step.




…No problem!:wink:

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