BIG GAME! Hide N’ Seek

Woohoo! Our team has been working very hard on this new game called “Hide N’ Seek.” Use the control pad to control a man in a very large 2D map to find 10 hidden characters. There are also many features to hide and to even explore the map freely!

Play Here: [](http://Hide N Seek)


This is pretty cool. I have some suggestions to make the game load even faster. So feel free to use them.

  • Instead of moving all the objects when the player moves, use the “camera” function in the event manager. So WHEN system starts DO camera follows player smoothly. This will remove a lot of events.

  • Put all the objects in a “treasure class”. So WHEN player collides with any in treasure class DO affected object hidden AND score label add 1.

  • All thé objects in the game have polygon collidsrs. This is very computationally expensive and slow to load. So for each go to appearance / collider at the bottom and select “box » or « circle » depending on the objects shape.

What do you think?


We will look into it, thanks


Hi @davidsol! Thank you so much for the tips! We have chosen a few of yours and the game is so much more smoother! The loading and restarting times have been dramatically decreased, and so many more bugs have been fixed :slight_smile: thanks again!


Great to hear! …

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Came back to this game to play around with it.

Made an update actually haha!

  • Fixed a glitch that caused the camera to move continuously even if the player was hidden
  • Fixed a glitch that caused the player to have the ability to escape the map