Ball Block Extreme: You will never get 10

I decided for my first release to make a remix of ball block, only much harder.

Try it here

Rather than lazily increase the speed by 1m/s, I added subtle things that don’t make it impossible, but make the game feel wrong.

  1. I shrank the circle and made it slightly ellipse-shaped. These means the bounce direction will randomly change and the ball is tougher to see.

  2. I shrank the wall, so now the ball will slip through much more often

  3. I shortened the wall timeout from 0.5 seconds to 0.07 seconds. Not the lowest I could go, but I want to give everyone a chance :smirk:

  4. I shortened the ball’s speed to .05, and raised the acceleration to 3. This makes the ball stagger, and makes predicting its movement very frustratingly tough.

  5. Higher levels no longer increase ball speed, but randomly change it. Also, the changes happen at random number intervals. You cannot predict how the ball will move, and cannot adjust to patterns. It’s all about quick reaction timing.


  1. One problem with the map was that the ball could slip through the walls, and the ball would crash. I traced these issues to the ball shadow and wall shadows. I have mostly fixed the issues, but 1/20 games may have your ball slip out. I surrounded the game area with game over boxes so any issues will restart the game, preventing any soft locking.

Let me know your opinion, and any feedback/constructive criticism is welcome!


For the first game - it looks very good.:+1: The truth is, my ball is often stuck. But I think it’s because I’m starting a game from WEB :wink:

You can try to slightly flatten corners by adding additional rectangles to them.

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Yeah, I made the game for ipad so that may be it. I’ll keep tinkering to fix the walls; thanks for the advice :blush:


This game is difficult but in a way that makes me want to win! I did also have the issue with the ball getting stuck on an Ipad, but the game is looking great!

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Tried this out. Cool idea. My ball howver got stuck on the top side of the screen every time. Maybe tweak the physics and “material » of the ball in appearance. Also set collider to “circle” in appearance too. That might make it less “sticky”

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Probably going to leave this project for a while after getting it patched up, thanks for the tip though! Working on a new project, hopefully it turns out well!


Cool. Post it so I can check it out. When it’s “ready”. :wink:

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I’m back after a month long break due to irl stuff. Sorry for the wait :sweat:

I’m going to post a link to Ball Block Extreme 2 shortly, check the forums to see it when I do!


It was interesting but I couldn’t go to the game I’ve had the app
I’ve tried restarting ready but it didn’t work

me too. It showed the splash screen but the game didn’t load, neither in webgl nor on ipad.

I think that the link for this game, now is not correct, @Zenobiyl , please if you have the chance, update the link for this game! Thank you!