backup problem help

Hello I have a problem when I save my projects once save I go back to modify it and I realize that everything has been deleted


When you are saving are you still connected to internet and do you wait to see if the loading sign goes away when saving?


Additionally, we notice that with marginal devices and/or bandwidth, sometimes even if the audio and visual feedback signals complete, the save hasn’t necessarily succeeded. In this case, you get a prompt when you exit the project. Sometimes it takes several iterations of save attempts before the save succeeds and you can exit without receiving the confirmation prompt.

And sometimes the save succeeds, but the next open is sluggish and you simply need to wait a bit for the project to load.


Yes i do but its still not working

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Has redownloading the application helped at all? Also are you using ready on android, iOS, PC, or Mac?

J’ai le même problème
Impossible de sauvegarder