Attach sound to rolling ball

I am trying to attach a sound clip of a ball rolling that plays only when the ball is rolling and stops when it stops. Any suggestions?


Hello @danmbe11! Maybe You can try use the this solution:
Add the physic to the ball
Events 1:

Ball/Physics/Velocity/Is Greater Than/0,1
Ball/Sounds/My Sound/Play Sound

Events 2:

Ball/Physics/Velocity/Is Less Than/0,1
Ball/Sounds/My Sound/Stop Playing

If this does not work, let me know, as in some cases it may not work.

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I did try that but it did not work. Sometimes it would play after the ball stopped moving but then it stopped all togeather.


Ok, You can send a link to the your project or tell us about how you control the movement of the ball?

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thank you


No problem, we will try to help you.:metal:

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Hi @danmbe11! The your game look great :+1:
You can use this steps for the playing sound:

-Turn “loop” on for the your sound
-Add the “Counter” behavior for the ball
-Create the new events

This example:

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Actually - what you could do…

  • player loses if she collides with the walls.
  • player has 120 seconds to get out.
  • player could chose degree of difficulty at start- this would add or reduce the time they have to escape. And possibly make the physics more “slippery” so control gets harder by difficulty setting.


  • player loses if she touches the walls.
  • after maybe 10 seconds an enemy appears- the “disruptor”
  • the disruptor has the behavior of pushing the player against a wall.
  • so the player now has to evade the disruptor.
  • the circles that currently kill you play a new role: now when collided they destroy the disruptor.
  • then a new disruptor can spawn and come after you.
  • the frequency of disruptors goes up over time.
  • your score is basically a) who completed the maze while b) destroying as many disruptors as possible.
  • use the leaderboard to track this.

I’m thinking I could add levels as included these things as harder levels.