AI Green Car NavMesh Does not always follow player and waits for objects to collect or is not moving at all


All of my coding is in the above attached images.

Desired Design

My AI Green Car is suppose to always be after the Players car and collect items in order to damage the other car and continue its attack on the player following collecting the item.

NavMesh Issues

AI Green Car is not moving at times on it’s own.

AI Green Car is side to side moving in item locations before they appear trying to collect them and if the player collects the item before the AI it remains there and if the AI collects it will move towards the player but again this varies. very high repro.

AI Green Car

When the Player attacks the AI Green Car it stops moving at times.

The NavMesh varies at random also.

How can I fix this these issues?

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Try adjust the “Minimum Distance” parameter (Use minimum) and adjust the “Max Distance” parameter (Use the Infinity value). And another recomendations, if hidden the target (Full Health…) object, the “Move Towards” not working.

When the enemy receives a bonus, change the target to “Player” (In the event manager), then the enemy will pursue him.

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Can you please help me adjust the NavMesh and Audio without changing how the game controls and looks.

I want the audio of the objects that appear on the level to play once.

Also for these objects to appear at there set times on a repeat timer.

and the winning fireworks that appear over the health bar to play in a loop for who ever wins.

Also can you tell me what you did.

I noticed on the shared link that my drag behavior for my player car loses functionality and my health bar is appearing as a minimum value of 1 instead of 0.

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Ok, James, i can look the your project tomorrow!

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Sounds good thank you.

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Hi @James, I edited the your project. (You can open the link on your phone, remix the project and see what changes I made)

Use this link:

  1. I added a new object (Controller - I placed a counter on it to control the game, sounds)
  2. I added a separate timer for each item.
  3. Added sounds to the game (Look the controller/audio…)
  4. Replaced the firework effects (Since this effect is now a bit corrupted, it will be corrected with the next versions, instead of it I added a blue firework for the player and a green firework for the opponent)
  5. Added two new conditions (“Scene Start” and “Setup”, now we control when the game is active and when we don’t, we also start the game only after tapping the screen, after play the scene we enter the message “Tap on the screen”)
  6. I changed all the events that are responsible for the placement of bonuses (Now bonuses appear on the screen with a given periodicity and only if our game is active)
  7. The termination conditions of the game are also changed (sounds of win and loss are added, we stop playing background music, turn off activity on the stage, play effects, etc.)

All edited and new events you can easily find in the event manager (New and edited events are open, those that have not changed are minimized)

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I love this new design it’s perfection to my Desired Design and more.

Just there are Four on-going bugs that need to be fixed before I export into Unity 3D because they affect all of the main gameplay.

Bug 1

NavMesh with AI Green Car when getting power-ups and trying to attack the player and it remains at a stand still at times not moving at all with a repro of 10/10.



Bug 2

Drag Controller loses all of its Functionality and I’m unable to control the Player Blue Car with a repro of 10/10.

Bug 3

Green side firework effect is not looping after losing with a repro of 10/10.

Bug 4

Green & Blue Health Bars appear as a value of 1 at times with a 9/10 repro when they are set to a value of 0.


Thanks very appreciated.

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  1. Add the new conditions when player collect items:

  1. Always hidde the all objects, if we not use in the scene (Because they cover the layer on which the player is):

Turn them on only when you need to use them:

  1. Adjust the settings for the effect:

  1. Fix the your conditions when the Player win or the Enemy win:

First I need access to the remixed version of my game I’m unable to edit this link

Open the this link in the your phone, tap the remix button, save project. When you save the this remix in the your account you can use him. (I added the latest settings to the this link).

Can I remix it on my Windows 10? and will it overwrite my previous version?

For the use the remix from the another account you need also instal the Ready Maker for your phone. (For the export the this remix to the your account, after this you can continue work in the PC)

Do I need two Ready accounts for this? I installed Ready Maker on my cellphone and it says my current username and password is incorrect.

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No, just use your login and password to login. If you are unable to enter, check the connection with the Internet, check whether you enter your data correctly, the keyboard layout, etc.

I’m unable to login with the correct information on both PC and two different cellphones my internet connection is high speed and at maximum strength.

Keyboard layout and everything is ok.

I’m only able to log into Ready Forums and my Projects.

This is very strange, try to use all the characters from the lower register to login, 90% of users most often use Ready on a mobile device, so there are no problems with logging into your account at the moment, I myself use the login panel every day.

It really does not work for multiple mobile devices for me including my PC so can you send me the coding of the remixed project so I can do it manually please and thanks

Use this panel for the login:

Enter your account name and password.
If it fails:

  1. Check Internet connection
  2. Use lower case letters
  3. Check the keyboard layout
  4. Remove and reinstall Ready
  5. Check the performance of other similar applications on your device
  6. Use the same internet service provider you use on your computer.

Did all of this already all APPs work across every social media just not the Ready Maker APP also Ready Maker on PC this is specific to remixing with Ready Maker that it simply does not work.

I cross checked it on multiple devices.

Again keyboard layout is fine.

Internet connection is strong.

Same internet provider as my computer.

Every single thing that involves APPS works with my cellphone expect for using my Ready Maker APP to sign in for remix also I tried using lower case letters.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the APP also.

I even tried logging in via social media as a work around nothing works and Ready Maker APP needs a major patch.

Remix is impossible to log in from any device.

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Yes, it is really strange! Ok, give me the login and password from your account by a personal message here on the forum, I will do it with help my phone.

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